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Painting A Picture Perfect… At Redbird Studio in Kallangur,  we believe everyone can achieve great results with their paintings and drawings if you learn the right techniques. But there is so much more to discovering and developing your art than mixing colours on a canvas, or mastering the technical aspects of drawing. It’s a journey where friendships are made, creativity flourishes and the ideas that are buzzing around in our heads are brought to life. It is also an escape. Art is a place where you can immerse yourself in your creative interests and shut out the noise of everyday life. Or you can unwind in the company of like minded souls. At Redbird Design and Illustration, we have students who have become friends and regularly spend mornings at the studio, painting, sharing jokes and laughing away to their heart’s content! Art and laughter is always a great mix!

Painting builds a bridge towards a stronger friendship…

I’ve always encouraged others to explore their art and discover how satisfying it is to work on a paining from start to finish. Or to help someone who wants to re-ignite their passion for creativity, and let it provide them with as much joy as it gives to me. So I wanted to create a place where friends could meet up, laugh with each other and learn how to become better and more confident artists.

A Little More About Me…

I’m Jenny Cass and I own and operate Redbird Design & Illustration. I teach acrylics, watercolour, pencil/graphite and mixed media from my studio located in Kallangur on Brisbane’s Northside. I spent several years studying Visual Art & Illustration courses and have been painting for more than 19 years. During this time , my work has received a number of awards, including The Nudgee Art Prize.  I also co – developed a Children’s Activity & Illustration book, which was sold to local attractions on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which it featured and showcased. Sharing My Love Of Art… What I have found to be equally gratifying is sharing the knowledge I have been lucky enough to gain from my own art. Before opening Redbird Design and Illustration  studio, I spent over 10 years teaching workshops and being a visiting artist in local schools, and since starting my studio, I have seen many of my students become confident in their ability to create something they love and feel proud of, and even exhibit their work. I have also been very fortunate to share their sense of achievement after mastering a new medium or technique, especially when we’ve had a few laughs along the way. The studio welcomes beginners and more advanced artists alike to our separate weekly classes for adults and children, as well as to our Art Workshops. So, if either you or your kids want to develop their artistic talents in a relaxed environment designed specifically to allow you to learn, play and create, then why not contact Jen at the studio to arrange a time that suits to pop into the studio for a chat. Just call today on 0438 056 107, or Contact Us to arrange your free chat.